Helen Park                                                 

Works on Film and Video                                  


The Wheel of Dreams and Prayers (China & Korea) (4 min | Mini DV | Color | Sound )°    November 2009

Utilizing footage from a Buddhist temple in China and a Catholic memorial service for my grandmother in Korea, this video is a visual exploration on the various ways we use prayer to connect to or transcend the moment and to honor the dead. I am interested in the particular movements of prayer, more specifically in the motion of the bow. There is a beauty in this gesture of humility, honor and supplication that I try to capture through the images and their treatment. Lastly, throughout this piece I am looking for the moments of stillness in motion, and motion in stillness.

ecstatic. Live dance w/ multi-channel video installation. Video projection design: Helen Park, Choreography and dance: Brian Buck. (4:23 Min | Three Channels | Silent) ° December 2008

Live camera feed with three-channel video projections were designed to create visual and rhythmic patterns based upon the choreography. Created for the stage, utilizing various projection surfaces, live camera feed, and other digital media.

Flight Patterns. Live dance w/ multi-channel video installation. (3:13 min | Mini DV, HDV | Color | Sound) ° May 2008                                                                                                        

A collaborative multi-media installation work for dance which explores the dynamic unfolding of patterns through movement and image. Video projections were designed with Isadora software, incorporating a live camera feed and interactivity between the dancer and the images through multiple projectors.

The Wheel of Dreams and Prayers (19:40 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° October 2007

Presented in three parts to form a circular narrative, this video-poem is an exploration of the act of dreaming and alternate states of consciousness. The weaving of familiar and unfamiliar images crafts a narrative through dream time, Buddhist temples, and city-spaces. This video is an attempt to articulate through visual language how we channel the transcendent human experience through the secular and the mundane of the everyday world.

The Death of Death (3:20 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° July 2007

A music video for the band Bang Lime. A story of survival: what happens when a bear and a wolf try to suppress their natural urges in order to make it in the human world? This video explores the consequences.

the earth is the heart of a whale (3:20 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° December 2006

A dreamlike, stream-of-consciousness video-poem with a soundtrack set to Tom Waits’ Fawn, heartbeats, and oceans. Footage was culled from 16mm archival footage, video tape of beluga whales, and image overlays constructed in Google Earth.

grow (7:00 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° March 2006

Grow is a meditation on solitude, love, and spirituality. It seeks to express the space between the known and unknown and the passage of time from past into present then into open future. Sound from Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude and ambient works by Aphex Twin. Text from Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters To A Young Poet.”  

Dry Drunk Emperor (7:10 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° September 2005

A political music video using stock news footage of Iraq and New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, Google Earth programming, as well as video tape from anti-war protests in Washington DC. This video was made after the events of Katrina and attempts to draw connections between US domestic and international affairs. Music provided by TV on the Radio. (Featured on Vlogmap.org, Fall 2005).

What Godard Said (5:10 min | mini dv, vhs, 16mm | black & white | sound) ° March 2005

Godard remixed. This piece juxtaposes images from a film shot in the Spring of 1999, which was made as an homage to Jean Luc Godard’s My Life To Live, with a specific scene from that film. An exploration of language and the ‘reading’ of image and montage, based on semiotic theory of Gilles Deleuze. 16mm Directors of Photography: Ming Chen & Francesca Romeo. (Reviewed and featured on DVblog.org, 2006).  

Portraits of Brooklyn Youth (30 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° May 2005

Portraits of Brooklyn Youth is a series of projects made with the collaboration of the youth of Bushwick High School. Students were asked to draw a personal map of their neighborhood, then create a "videomap" based on it. These portraits are part of a larger documentary project and interactive DVD exploring issues of identity, belonging, and place.


self-portrait (6:20 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° November 2004

A portrait which explores the concept of the self as a densely layered entity of time and space, histories and present realities. The images were shot and edited using the ten sign system of semiotician Charles Peirce. I wanted to see if I could convey my concept of self in a cohesive form using primarily signs of "secondness," which is one of the three phenomenological categories of Peirce's system. This category deals with indexical signs of specificity and the factual; things of material fact, brute force, and clarity within the object of the sign.

Hassan Wants To Be A Bird (3:30 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° September 2004

Using outtakes from a music video shot a year before and set to a new soundtrack by Rachel’s, this video is a delicate and whimsical video-poem about a man yearning to fly.

Heartstorm (4:55 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° September 2004

A meditation on movement, catharsis, and hurricanes. Images were collected from a computer monitor of palm trees in the turbulence of a hurricane. Music: "Desired Constellation", Bjork.


Untitled (yr million sweetnesses) (2:45 min | digital-8 & mini dv | color | sound) ° July 2004

Combining digital Hi-8 and digitally rendered found footage and set to singer-songwriter Diane Cluck’s “yr million sweetnesses,” this video attempts to express the cathartic release of loss and letting go.

The Utopia Project (20 min | mini dv installation | color | sound) ° April-June 2004

Intended as a series of video installations to be projected onto the streets and architecture of the Financial District, NYC. The placement and arrangement of the projections were designed to create an experiential journey through a dynamic city-space where the virtual and the material interact. Subjects were interviewed on various concepts and perceptions of “Utopia”, place, and social change.


Dreams (5:10 min | mini dv | color | sound) ° December 2003

Music video commissioned by TV on the Radio and Touch & Go Records for the bands premiere full-length album, released Spring 2004. (Featured online at NPR’s All Songs Considered).

i know the rainy days (5:00 min | mini dv & 16mm | color | sound) ° June 2003

A short video-poem using 16mm stock footage of Humpback Whales and a soundtrack from the Cocteau Twins’ I Wear Your Ring.

Rock Star (9:00 min | digital-8 | color | sound) ° September 2002

Part documentary and part visual poetry, this piece attempts to break down and examine the movement and character of the rock & roll performer. Through distilling specific ‘rock’ gestures and movements, beauty is found beneath the surface of the gaze. (Moto Experimental Film & Video Series - Brooklyn, NY, MeDia Co-op digital Film Series - Memphis, TN, Review - FilmThreat.com).

Breezy Point, USA (9:30 min | digital-8 | color | sound) ° June 2002

Through solarized footage and visual abstractions Breezy Point, USA depicts a day at the beach in four parts. Set to a soundtrack which narrates and weaves each segment, this video piece takes seemingly disparate and mundane moments and attempts to transform them into a cohesive whole. (MeDia Co-op digital Film Series - Memphis, TN, eKsperimento Film and Video Festival - Manila, Philippines).

Hope (6:30 min | digital-8 | color | sound) ° June 2002

A short image-based video-poem set to the music of the Dirty Three. HOPE explores the movement of objects in flight: planes and birds, as well as the movement of a specific part of the human body: the hands. Through the deterioration and manipulation of the image, the film seeks to discover a new beauty in the isolated object as well as to create a sense of transcendence from sadness and melancholy. (MeDia Co-op digital Film Series (Grant recipient) - Memphis, TN, eKsperimento Film and Video Festival - Manila, Philippines, Fresh Film at Anthology Film Archives, Ocularis New Filmmakers Series. Reviewed at FilmThreat.com and DVblog.org).