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The Utopia Project at kaffny URBAN

The video for “The Utopia Project” (2004) will be screening on November 13th as part of the Korean American Film Festival New York. The event includes film, video, & new media from U.S. & international artists. Live music & DJ’s also provided. Looks like a dynamic lineup! Glad to be a part of this great event.

Event info.





10 2011

Architectures of Memory 10.21.2011

Some images of our work tonight. We utilized two elegantly powerful projectors & Isadora to help map our videos onto the natural surfaces of Mitchell’s Cove, an inlet off the ocean in Santa Cruz. All photos by Soraya Murray.

 The site at daytime: 


Event setup:

Our projection surfaces:







10 2011

Site-specific work: One week countdown

Architectures of Memory” is scheduled to go up on Friday, October 21st. Recent projector tests looked promising.

“Architectures of Memory” (working title) will be a site-specific, multichannel video and audio installation situated within the ocean inlet at West Cliff Drive and Sunset Avenue in Santa Cruz, California. Through personal recollections and the dynamic cohesion of video projection design, this public artwork will explore the many complexities and poetics of the construction of memory and its erosion within the human brain. This particular outdoor site offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for this work, with its combination of man-made structures and the natural erosion of the cliffs and surrounding area that has occurred over time. These very elements join to create a natural theater of sorts, a space beckoning for activation, exploration, and experience. At night, the site takes on a heightened sense of mystery and magic, with the sounds of the ocean amplified through the darkness, and the outlines of the ocean tide and outlying cliffs just visible to the eye. Our installation would be a series of poetic moving images, text, and audio that literally and metaphorically light up the space with stories of memory, loss, and recovery. Content will be created from interviews with individuals about personal memory, its emotional correlations, and sensory characteristics. The ultimate goal of this piece is to create a public artwork that is dynamic and sensory, and that provides the viewer with a space for individual contemplation and collective experience.”


10 2011

The Utopia Project (2004)

The Utopia Project | Installation for Public Spaces

First street tests of the Utopia Project in Brooklyn, NY. Intended as a series of video installations to be projected onto the streets and architectural facades of the Financial District in NYC, this project began as an investigation into the Greek origins of the word utopia, and its various translations as ‘no-place’ or ‘good place.’ I wanted to know what contemporary interpretations could be activated within the political, social, and economic climate of the time, namely during the second term of Bush’s administration and the Iraq War. Other questions of place, the meaning of place, and personal conceptions of utopia in relation to one’s place in the world were also investigated. Choosing the Financial District for this project was intended as an intervention of a site (as place, or no-place) and its the symbolic power.

Link to video.



10 2011

Ecstatic (2008)

Ecstatic / responsive installation for performance / choreography by Brian Buck

Link to video.



10 2011

Flight Patterns (2008)

Flight Patterns / responsive installation for performance / choreography by Nadi Lesy & sound design by Yuchien Cheng

Programmed with Isadora



10 2011

Transitional Soccer (2008)

Transitional Soccer (2008) / multichannel installation / programmed with Isadora

A four channel video and audio installation that uses soccer as a metaphor for exploring the emergences of relationality between individuals and societies within the context of nation-building.

Images were taken from a soccer match between Iraq and The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, two countries branded by George W. Bush as points on his so-called “Axis of Evil”.

I was particularly interested in exploring the complexities and possible relationships between the languages nations choose in the writing of their constitutions, nation-building, and the dynamics of geopolitical relationships.

Text was borrowed from Brian Massumi’s Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation (2002) to provide the conceptual framework.





Link to video documentation.


10 2011

A recent video

First Person Plural (Things Passed Down) 

Shot in Seoul, Daegu, & Jeju-do, Korea. 2010-2011.

First Person Plural (Things Passed Down) is a single-channel video about the my parents’ experience of migration from postwar Korea to the United States in the late sixties. This video transforms first person narrative into a self-reflexive and shared meditation of displacement and the search for home in a foreign land. I used footage from a year researching in my parents’ homeland, where I myself was a foreigner, to accompany my own reading of interviews conducted with my parents in order to create the dissonant poetics that structures the piece.



09 2011

Curation as Social Practice

Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery:

This exhibition is rooted in the ideals of inclusion, and highlights the social nature of the art world.  It is the hope of the curators that the response will be vast and that the artists represented will be an exponential representation of all artists that are currently working and admired by their peers.
Chain Letter mimics communication today; and the way in which information is passed.  The outcome will be a testament to the power of connectivity within society at present.


07 2011

Surf’s up. (and it’s dreamy.)

now that i live in santa cruz, it’s time to start working on my surf video oeuvre.
(shot on my iphone. edited on fcp. music by cocorosie.)

surf’s up. (and it’s dreamy.) from helen h park on Vimeo.


01 2011