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Made it to the National Museum of Contemporary Art today. It was a little bit of an arduous task, but once I sweat my way through the trek, it proved to be well worth it. The museum is situated within Seoul Grand Park, a vast expanse of nature in the city, which also houses a zoo and various children’s rides. It was so beautiful and serene, surrounded by green mountains – I felt like I was somewhere outside of the city far away from the subway I had just exited.

seoul grand park 06*

There was an amazing array of work from Korean artists of the 19th-21st cent, largely little or unknown in the U.S. I am still processing all of the work that I saw today. To see pieces created in the last 100 years of Korea, through Japanese occupation and the Korean War was really profound:


Artist: 이형록 [Hyong-rok Lee] – circa 1950-ish

On special exhibition were works by video & installation artist Ik-Joong Kang, who also collaborated closely with Nam June Paik, as well as the 2009 artist of the year, Suh Yong-sun, and an overview of works of the “Korean Diaspora” – specifically artists who have immigrated to Japan, China, & the Commonwealth of Independent States (fascinating).

Here is a little preview of what I saw (from Ik-joong Kang/except for 1st image – Kang & Nam June Paik):


The lower rung of the video tower.



NMCA 020*

There is much more that I wish I could post right now, but I am realizing that I need to spend the next few days just processing all the media I have been collecting…. video soon to come.

Time to dive into the editing!


Oh yeah, just as a side note, I successfully found a shortcut to my subway station. It cuts the time in half, and a much more enjoyable path – through a series of quiet residential streets. Still trying to navigate the subway system, which is fairly user-friendly except if you get on the platform going in the wrong direction. Then life may suck for a moment, especially in rush hour, as you try to find the path to the right platform. I’m used to the MTA in NYC, which has been notorious for making transit hell, so this really shouldn’t be a problem!….

There is some weird feedback going on in my camera here. This is not what the sky actually looked like today.

On my way home. (There is some weird feedback going on in my camera here. Not the way the sky looked.)

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