Images of the city & a few notes

Views of Chunggyecheon, Downtown Seoul (click on image for larger view):

Cheonggyecheon 17*

Cheonggyecheon 10*

Cheonggyecheon 7*

Cheonggyecheon 20*

Cheonggyecheon 23*

View from the terrace at the Insa Art Center:



As hectic as this city can be, it does offer some very beautiful scenes. The confluence of nature and urbanity strikes a kind of balance in certain spots, making for moments to breathe and contemplate and just be. As I go from place to place searching for research materials I’m lucky enough to stumble upon some of these moments…

Ch’useok has passed. This is often referred to as the “Korean Thanksgiving,” but really the background of this day shares little in common with the American holiday. It is the full moon harvest celebration and Koreans pay respects to their ancestors, visiting their ancestral burial grounds and offering food from the harvest. There are no endangered colonizers being saved by the colonized, just the story of a weaving contest during the Silla Dynasty. I spent the day with my Uncle and his family and enjoying the company of the little ones.

Last weekend I ventured to Daegu, where many members of my extended family reside. It was a wonderful reunion after fifteen years. Seeing them was profound, like recovering some lost part of myself. Beyond language and culture, family connection can be so strongly felt…

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