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Things have been incredibly busy these last few months! Currently in the midst of research for next year’s thesis work, and producing a few artworks and writings as a result. The focus is globalization+migration+rights. Other conceptual connections can be mapped to cosmopolitanism, hospitality, global cities, place/locality/territories, network/nodes, digital/material spaces in the migrant experience, public spaces and deliberative democracy, disaggregation effects in citizenship and territory, boundary crossing, emergent global classes….hmm, what else?

Current intellectual constellation looks like this: Seyla Benhabib’s The Claims of Culture and The Rights of Others, as well as Saskia Sassen’s A Sociology of Globalization. Inspiring and critical works that are hugely shaping the direction of things. Next will be Marsha Meskimmon’s Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan Imagination and Trinh T. Min-ha’s elsewhere, within here: immigration, refugeeism, and the boundary event.

I have recently finished a single-channel video based on my parents’ early experiences of migration (thank you, Mom and Dad), and am working on a two small installations dealing with refugeeism, cross-border encounters, and Kant’s conceptions of cosmopolitanism federalism and the universal right to hospitality. More will be posted as works progress.


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