Artist’s Statement

I am a video artist and educator currently based in New York City. I produce single-channel videos and multichannel installations for public space, and I have been a media arts educator since 2004. I work with media, pedagogy, and socially engaged art practices to design spaces that bring strangers together around critical social and cultural issues. Particular conceptual issues in my work focus on themes of globalization, migration, and human rights, and how media and technology affect our notions of difference and experiences of encounter.

I utilize various methods of social practice and media production to create spaces for engagement. This often entails extensive research and conversations with a particular community to produce interventionist public video projections and experiential, mediated spaces. Each piece is also a deep investigation in the design of a video poetics that cultivates shared affective experience.

I also work with people, and consider the relationships formed in the making of a project to be a critical part of the work. I maintain transparency in artistic and social intent, and take the two to be in a dialogic relationship for the making of an ethico-aesthetic, a term I borrow from philosopher Félix Guattari. I define this simply as an ethics in practice through the production of art and aesthetic experience in the social sphere. This method of artistic production is context-based, responsive to its environment, and it understands aesthetic mediation as a critical element for intersubjective exchange, symbolic rupture, and destabilizing fixed boundaries between self/other or belonging/estrangement.

Utilizing video and installation design in response to salient issues of a community allow for me to test art’s capacities for affecting social change while also maintaining aesthetic integrity. Every new project is a new venture in designing a mediated, ethico-aesthetic experience that is dynamically social, convivial, and always potentially transformative.

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